At October Books, we have four part-time staff members, all the rest are volunteers. We are a small independent not-for-profit co-operative shop and we have a lot going against us: the competition of big chains, online retail and e-books, and the soaring rents on the high street.

Without your help, we can’t make ends meet! So if you want to keep a small friendly shop in business, you are welcome to lend a hand. And you will benefit too: you’ll gain experience in running a small ethical business and you’ll improve your office and retail skills and your CV.

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New Volunteer Roles!

To enhance what we offer as a bookshop and our engagement with the wider community we are looking to recruit volunteers for specific roles. These roles will hopefully enhance what October Books offers in addition to the existing everyday running of the shop. Please note we will still need volunteers to help on a day to day basis in the shop so don’t hesitate to contact us about that role as well.

Volunteer Bookstall Team

[Mainly Evenings and Weekends.]

October Books is looking for some volunteers to help us run bookstalls out and about in Southampton. These can be at author events, talks, academic and community events. Ideally volunteer should have a car they are prepared to drive for role, as the role will involve transporting books from the shop to the event venue. However we will be taking on a team of people for this role, so it is not essential that all members of the team are able to drive. Volunteers will need to be confident setting up a book stall, talking to public and using a small till and card machine without staff member present. The volunteer should have a good understanding of the shops ethos and values. The role will involve heavy lifting. Mileage and parking costs will be covered.  Please email with bookstall volunteer team in the subject line if you are interested.

Volunteer Book Club Coordinator

[Flexible + one weekday evening monthly or bi monthly.]

October Books wants to start a book club! We’re looking for either an individual or couple of people happy to work together to take on the role of book club coordinator.

Ideally the book club coordinator would be a keen reader who is good at listening and encouraging others to talk. They would also need to be confident to organise the book club independently and happy to promote through social media and posters/ word of mouth. The person or people who took on the role would have to decide on the way they wanted to run the club, either by having a monthly/ bimonthly book or having a theme for each meet and encouraging to bring along a book or an article which fits in that theme and discuss it. They may want to run a more traditional book group, reading novels or they may want to do a kind of ‘radical reads.’ We’d provide a venue for meeting, would be able to source books (potentially at a special discount) and would promote the club through the shop.

This role will require good people skills and an understanding of the shops ethos and values as part of the public face of October Books. Because this is a role for only one or two people which requires a lot of independent working we will be asking anyone interested to apply through email, with their ideas for a book club and why they feel they would be ideally suited to the role.

Please email with Volunteer Book Club Coordinator in the subject line if you are interested.

Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator

[Flexible hours. Work may be able to be done from home or in the office but volunteer will need to attend meeting to coordinate with workers and collective.]

October Books needs to have an update! We are currently using a stock control system from the early 80s and many of the basic IT equipment is out of date. We need someone to coordinate a fundraising drive and help us reach our target. The ideal candidate will need to have lots of ideas and enthusiasm but also practical knowledge of how to go about organising a fundraising campaign. They should be someone who is confident on social media and using and researching different fundraising platforms.

Ideally this role would go to someone with experience in fundraising who is happy to volunteer their time and energy to help give October Books the cash injection needed. The person who takes on this role should be available to volunteer their time for at least 6 months. This role could be taken on by two volunteers, as long as they were happy working together. Please email: with Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator in the title.


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