Become a member of October Books

October Books is opening up membership! We’re hoping new members will bring new ideas, energy and enthusiasm to October Books and truly make us ‘more than just a book shop.’

Customers who become members will have greater ability to be involved in directing the business, influencing the goods and services we provide and our ethical purchasing policies. Membership will also allow customers to support October Books more creatively with skills, ideas and enthusiasm and to be more engaged with the collective, not just as a shop, but as a community.

For membership requirements, ethos, code of conduct, and application form, click here.


First members meeting for new customer members. Will be on Thursday 19th April.

Membership Meeting will be split into two halves.
4pm till 6.30pm issuing membership certificates and another opportunity to go view the bank.

6.45 till 8pm. Official sit down meeting. To meet other members, discuss future plans and how you as a member can get involved and help out. We’ll also have a short talk by Darren Bray the architect who is working with us to help design the new space.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

If you want to join please drop in your form and £5 membership fee before the meeting or bring it along on the night.