October Books is buying a bank! We’re currently raising funds to buy the old Natwest bank building on Portswood Road.

We want to secure the long term future of the shop by establishing a permanent base, where we won’t be paying rent to a distant landlord. We also want to expand the things we can do as a community hub, by providing a larger and more accessible space for events and meetings.

How are you raising funds?
We’re raising funds primarily through issuing of loanstock. We’re also taking donations. When the building is bought, the plan is to sell the upper floor to the charity the Society of St. James.

How Can I Help?
You can buy loanstock, or donate time, or money. And, of course, you can buy books, cards and food from us!

What’s Loanstock?
Loanstock is an investment in the shop. You invest a sum of your choosing for a period of 1, 5 or 10 years, and then when the loanstock matures, you receive the money back with optional 1.5% interest. For more information and the forms, click here.

How can I donate?
You can donate by cash, card or cheque in the shop, by bank transfer, or via paypal. Our bank details can be found at the end of the loanstock form.

How can I offer my time?
For the move, there are many one-off and repeat volunteer tasks to be done, including painting, sorting, driving things to the dump, as well as regular volunteering at the shop. If you’re interested, drop us an email or come into the shop and ask about volunteering.

Can I become a member?
Yes! October Books has always been a co-operative, and now we’re widening membership out to the wider community. Find out more here.

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